Indoor Air Quality Products and Services in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

carrier-Perf_PurifierPollen, dander, dust, mites, mildew, bio growth, and airborne bacteria are just a few of the disease-causing agents floating through the average home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the quality of indoor air is often worse than that of outdoor air, even in heavily polluted cities. These airborne pollutants repeatedly circulate through our homes as they enter and pass through our HVAC system, exposing us to them again and again.

But why worry so much about indoor air quality? Well, these airborne contaminants are anything but harmless. They can cause anything from low-grade allergies to chronic diseases. This is why, for the health of your household, River City’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating offers air quality products and services to clean up the air you and your family breathe.

Indoor Air Quality Inspections

We train our technicians to ask about any symptoms you and your family are having before we start any inspection of your home’s air. Symptoms might be as subtle as red or watery eyes, runny noses, skin rashes, etc. or may be more pronounced. Our techs will then inspect the air in your home to identify possible culprits and their sources. With the results of the inspection, our technicians may recommend that your ductwork should be cleaned or that one of the IAQ products would be beneficial.

Air Purifier Systems

The quality of your home’s indoor air starts with your HVAC system’s central air filter. This is your first line of defense against pollutants. River City’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating’s air quality technicians can tell you about advanced air purification products in various formats, such as electrostatic, media, and electronic. We also recommend air filters with a MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, of 7 or higher if your system can handle it. The higher the MERV rating, the more your filter will capture with each pass-through. Your tech can advise you on whether a MERV 7 filter is compatible with your HVAC system.

Air Quality Products

An air quality technician can also talk with you about additional air quality products tailored to your home’s unique contaminants. For example, maintaining the right level of humidity in your home is important for health air. Air that is too dry lets contaminants stay suspended in the air longer until someone breathes them in. By contrast, air that is too wet is a fertile breeding ground for fungus and bio growth.

Similarly, your air quality technician might also have recommendations about the ventilation of your home. Homes that are too tightly insulated are a haven for pollutants because of a lack of ventilation. River City’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can install a mechanical ventilator that keeps a constant stream of fresh air coming into your Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, Gonzales, Zachary, Clinton, Hammond, LA or surrounding area home.

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